At S4les, we understand the importance of knowing the real value of your home. That is why we offer a free appraisal service that uses a thorough and up-to-date analysis of the real estate market.

Our analytical approach reveals the potential of your land or property and how to maximize its profitability. We pride ourselves on providing you with an accurate and detailed appraisal, backed by our experience and in-depth knowledge of the market. Our goal is to provide you with valuable information that allows you to make informed and strategic decisions regarding your real estate assets.


At s4les, we understand the importance of an effective marketing approach to selling your home. Our comprehensive services are based on a customized strategy that utilizes a variety of proven tools and techniques.

We use a combination of digital and traditional methods to promote your property in an attractive way and reach a wide group of potential buyers. This includes the use of informative newsletters and mailing, a strong presence on social media, advertising in top real estate agencies.


At S4les, we understand that the action of buying and selling a property goes beyond the transaction itself. We ensure a smooth handover process and streamline the post-sale process by coordinating communication between buyers and developers. We understand the importance of appraisals in any real estate transaction. These appraisals reduce the risk associated with investments and allow for proper planning and optimal future use of real estate.

At S4les, we ensure that you have complete and accurate information to make informed decisions.


In s4les, we understand that the action of buying and selling a property does not end with the transaction, that is why we are committed to provide you with support in the post-sale procedures. We efficiently coordinate the communication between buyers and developers to ensure a smooth delivery process. In addition, our after-sales service extends beyond that by offering you options that add value to your real estate asset, such as reputation management and interior design services. Thanks to our sister companies, we can participate in all phases of your project and advise you to achieve maximum performance.

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