about s4les

S4LES is a company specialized in the management and commercialization of exclusive projects on behalf of the most recognized promoters on the Spanish scene. Given that the Spanish real estate market is experiencing a new impulse, certain promoters entrust the management of the sale of their assets to international real estate specialists.

S4LES ‘experience in the real estate markets of the Costa Blanca (Alicante), Costa del Sol (Malaga) and Costa de Almería has allowed it to become a key player in the sale of top-quality real estate projects to international clients.

The Team

María Jesús López

Project manager

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Ana Isabel Pérez


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Cecilia Jiménez

Agency coordinator

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Alicia López

Property consultant

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Noelia Martín

New developments commercial

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Laura Berrino

New developments commercial

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Amalia Barrigas

Customer service

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Ivan García

New developments commercial

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Jesús Martínez

Marketing manager

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Antonio Pérez Gijón

Property consultant

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Esther Vázquez

Customer Service

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Real Estate Services


S4LES carefully chooses its real estate projects with location in mind. The various projects offered by S4LES mainly meet the selection criteria of Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, French, Belgian and Spanish buyers.


S4les has developed a complete network that facilitates marketing and communication with brokers while maintaining an extensive database of clients waiting for buying and investment opportunities on the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca.


S4les is part of a real estate specialist group with more than 20 years of experience in the main markets of Spain. We offer continuous services to clients in the European Atlantic corridor: Belgium, Holland, France, Austria, Scandinavian countries, Great Britain…


The S4LES team is composed of multilingual real estate experts, designers, architects, decorators and after-sales service managers. We have a clear understanding of the real estate market opportunities for international clients, which allows us to offer a global solution for the developer.


S4LES is a company specialized in the management and marketing of exclusive projects on behalf of the most renowned developers in Spain. Entrust the management of the sale of your assets to international real estate specialists.



This is one of our features and the differential value of our company. We have a wide network of international contacts, especially in the Benelux area.
These sales channels located in the country of origin of the main buyers of second homes in Spain, allow us to bring the product closer to the end customer, helping to generate a greater number of sales.
In addition, we have an extensive network of local collaborating agencies, with whom we have already had previous commercial relationships.


In the current economic environment, the key to competitiveness in the real estate sector lies in adaptation.
S4les has a team of analysts that offers you optimization projects to control any risk.
In this analytical procedure we discover the potential of your land or real estate and how to optimize it in order to achieve maximum profitability.


S4les has a deep knowledge of the residential real estate market throughout the Mediterranean Coast of Spain.
This knowledge is based on years of experience and up-to-date analysis of the local market: demographic trends, competition, socio-economic parameters, even construction characteristics of each nationality and client typology.
We treat each project individually and being an independent team, our information is always honest and clear.

business plan

Defining the investment thesis and the business plan allows us to generate value for investors. Planning and ordering the actions to be taken, based on specific needs and constraints, allows real estate professionals to specify objectives and meet goals.
Price recommendations, search for the best finishes, materials and customization options, launching strategies to those of collaboration in the real estate market are some of the items in the business plan.
The level of detail with which we work allows us to advise the client in each phase, becoming the backbone of the rest of the phases of the real estate cycle of each operation.

due diligence

We know what is important in a transaction. Assessments reduce the level of risk inherent in the investment, planning and future use of real estate.
The reports, applicable to all types of assets at any stage of development, range from legal, documentary and urban planning aspects to structural, environmental and accessibility issues.

closing and after-sales

The buying and selling of a property does not only end with the transaction. We make the delivery a smooth process and the post-sale a more agile one, coordinating the communication between buyers and promoter.
Sometimes it is necessary and advisable to provide an after-sales service capable of guaranteeing parallel services that also add value to the real estate asset.
From reputation management to the marketing of concierge or interior design services, S4les has the capacity to participate, thanks to companies of the same group, in all phases of your project and advise you to achieve maximum performance.