El Velerín de Estepona: A Luxury Enclave on the Costa del Sol

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El Velerín in Estepona has become the third most expensive neighborhood in Spain, following La Castellana and Recoletos in Madrid. El Velerín has an average price per square meter of €10,068. Estepona is positioning itself as the prime area to invest in on the Costa del Sol, with a 30% increase in its real estate sector.

A stroll through El Velerín reveals the reasons why it’s an elite location for exclusive apartments and properties. It focuses on comfort and top-notch amenities, where living becomes synonymous with luxury and sophistication.

Walk by the sea, El Velerín in Estepona

Living in El Velerín: Lifestyle and Community

El Velerín de Estepona prides itself on offering a lifestyle that redefines exclusivity. Every corner is a testament to beauty and tranquility. From the colorful Andalusian flowerpots that have earned Estepona the nickname “Garden of the Costa del Sol” to the urbanizations that blend harmoniously with the sea and mountains.

Gated communities, strategically located on the New Golden Mile between Marbella and Estepona, not only promise 24-hour security but also lush gardens, water features, and outdoor swimming pools exclusive to residents.

Estepona, and El Velerín in particular, is emerging as the best area on the Costa del Sol to invest in, thanks to its growing reputation as a luxury enclave and its promising evolution in the real estate market. Investing here signifies great profitability in the short and medium term.

Price Comparison and Real Estate Market

Properties in El Velerín range from €390,000 for a four-bedroom house to €8,000,000 for a luxurious penthouse, with sizes varying between 194 m² and 674 m². This diversity in prices and dimensions makes El Velerín attractive to different budgets and needs.

Many properties boast luxury features like terraces, balconies, and elevators, and are either newly built or in premium condition. Adding even more value to the investment.

Estepona’s real estate sector is booming, with a high demand for quality housing with sea views. This makes El Velerín a prime location for both living and investing.

Developments like Villa Julia, expected to be completed by Q4 2 of 2024, and the €215 million investment by Bynok for the construction of over 450 homes, are paving the way for a promising future in the real estate market.

Residential estate in El Velerín

Investment and Future in Estepona

The Municipal Parking Plan and the coastal corridor project are over 90% complete. These projects, along with the ambitious investment in sports, such as large outdoor climbing wall, the biggest in Spain, are a clear indication that Estepona is an emerging hub for investment and development.

In conclusion, El Velerín de Estepona is a hidden gem on the Costa del Sol. It offer a luxury lifestyle, a vibrant community, and a booming real estate market. It’s the perfect place to invest in your future.


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